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Lasers in urology

The application of lasers in the field of urological surgery has enhanced the quality and quantity of the benefits currently available.
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  • Prostate Enucleation
  • Prostate Vaporization
  • Lithotripsy

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Advantages of laser-assisted surgery:

Minimally Invasive Surgery:


Doctor Antoni Pardo

  • Less surgical trauma
  • Reduces bleeding and need for transfusions

Enables a quick recovery and reduces hospitalization time

Optimize the outcome

We use a wide range of lasers (Holmium, Diode, Thulium, Green), provided by a platform called LASERÀLIA. For the best performance and optimization of the laser, Dr. Toni Pardo (PhD in Physics and Engeenering. Laser specialist) is always present in all the treatments performed.

* The LASERALIA protocols have been developed following the most rigorous quality and safety standards (EN 60825, ANSI Z 136.3, EN 207, EN 149).