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Reconstructive Surgery and Urethral Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery

It is the part of urology that is dedicated to carrying out interventions to preserve or recover the correct function of the male excretory and reproductive system.

Urethral Surgery

It is the part of urology dedicated to the correction of all the alterations of the urethra. It is the channel that is responsible for carrying urine and semen from the organs, where it is made, to the outside.

The main urethral pathology is urethral stenosis, that is, the thinning of the lumen of the urethra that can occur due to multiple causes.

The treatment is eminently surgical and can be performed according to the location and length: an endoscopic internal urethrotomy, that is, a cold cut of the urethra where there is the narrowing through the urethral canal. Its performance, on certain occasions, is quite high, although the stenosis usually recurs, thus requiring more complex open surgery techniques. Sometimes they require grafts (tissues from other parts of the body) to be carried out. Lately it has been seen that one of the best grafts is the buccal mucosa.

The Girona Urology team has been specifically trained in this type of surgery and has successfully carried out many complex interventions using buccal mucosa grafts. It is important during this type of intervention, to give a careful diagnosis, to choose the simplest and at the same time most decisive technique, to have extensive previous experience and the have the appropriate tools.

Dr. Comet and Dr. Boix, urologists at the Onyar Clinic