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It is the medical discipline that deals with the pathologies of the male reproductive system.

Erectile disfunction 

Before called impotence, it is a situation in which there is no adequate erection of the penis to sexual stimuli, which does not allow the introduction of the penis into the vagina.

There are several causes:

Causes because of physical problems are called organic ED

Types of organic ED:

  • Vascular (lack of blood supply)
  • Hormonal (lack of testosterone)
  • Neurological: (bad condition of the nerves)

When it is due to psychological problems is mainly because of thoughts of fear of not getting an erection. 

For both organic and psychological problems, it is called Mixed ED.


Change to healthy lifestyle.


  • Oral route: phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors.
  • Intracavernous route: that is, an injection into the penis.


  • Constrictor rings are placed at the base of the penis.
  • Vacuum devices.

Surgical: It is done as a last resort, and consists of the implantation of a penile prosthesis, the most advisable ones are the hydraulic ones, which have a mechanism that allows the reversibility of the erect position of the penis.

TDS Control

Testosterone deficiency syndrome.

Fertility in men

Study using seminograms to evaluate and objectify the degree of male infertility and carry out the appropriate treatment. In the case of vasectomized patients, we can perform the vasovasostomy.