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Prostate Laser Surgery

The introduction of the laser in the treatment of BPH has revolutionized their approach. It can be done with different types of light waves depending on the effect you want to achieve on the tissue. (Green laser, Holmium, Thulium, Diode). Some of them allow photovaporization of the prostate, such as the green laser.

At Urologia Girona, we perform prostate enucleation with Holmium laser that allows the treatment of prostates of all sizes, but especially large ones, which previously had to be performed via open surgery. This also allows us to treat the lithiasis that eventually form in the bladder as a result of the obstruction caused by the prostate, without the need for an incision or opening the bladder.

Dr Comet Dr Boix

Prostatic enucleation with laser

The same intervention as the open retropubic adenomectomy is perfomed, but without the need for an incision in the skin, since using the laser allows us to perform the intervention through the urethra. It allows treating large-volume prostates. It achieves similar results but with less blood loss, a reduction in the need for transfusions, a faster postoperative period and return to normal activity.